The Pátria Consult Inc. has doing asset valuation work since 1997. The asset valuations within a prominent role in the valuation of real estate. Our company had a lot of success in valuations of residential, mercantile and supplier immovable estates, trough a valuations of multi billion industrial premises. Short of valuations of immovable, our company does valuations of installations, appliances, devices as well as intangible assets, companies, business shares and investments.

Our company recognised a significant and acclaimed role in determining the value of residential property as well. Since 2000, when the residential mortgage lending restarted in Hungary.

We are stationary assets valuators of these:

  • Takarék Ingatlan Zrt.
  • Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt.
  • MagNet Hungarian Community Bank Zrt.
  • CIB Bank Zrt.
  • SKYCREDIT Pénzügyi Zrt.
  • Wellum Zrt.
We make thousands of valuations of property assasment for these merchant and mortgage banks by using the requirement of the 25/1997. (VIII.1.) PM statue.

For our appraisal reports we are using the 25/1997. (VIII.1.) PM statue, what is valid in Hungary, 50/1997. (VIII.1.) FM statue, furthermore we take notice of professional references and using the instructions of EVS 2016 (European Valuation Standards) and TEGOVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Associations).

In the last 3 years, the valuations of immovable‘s and valuation of property values transcend 50 billion HUF.

Our company has a lot of staff who is licensed architect and licensed civil engineer, and many also have a post secondary certificate of real estate assessors specifically in the mortgage lending field. We have professional of tourism, we have expert technical witness, EUFIM qualified experts and building trade technical inspectors.

We have licensed landscape designer, environment development experts, furthermore licensed wood engineer for valuations of agricultural land, forests, plantations and landscape protection areas.