Professional Background


The predecessor of Pátria Consult Zrt was Pátria Consult Ltd. It was formed in 1990. From the inception, the company is an active character of the Hungarian economic life. In the company there are a lot professional experts such as engineers, economists, lawyers and auditors, who gained great work experience in the last decade with the jobs of asset valuation, bankruptcy and the advising professional activity connected to them.


Our company’s main lines of business:
  • Asset valuations (real estate, appliance, installation, investment, intangible assets, etc... furthermore energetic certifications of buildings.)
  • Liquidation, winding up, bankruptcy proceedings
  • Certification of public procurement
Our Company is member of:
  • The Hungarian Real Estate Association,
  • The Hungarian Association of Insolvency Practitioners and Asset Controllers,
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Budapest.
Our staff members have 2-20 years of work experience and they constantly attend professional meetings, conferences and courses to be up-to-date in the economic life, furthermore to follow the changes of law and to do their best in the work.
Our company disposes of liability insurances:
  • For asset valuation: 100.000.000,-Ft
  • For liquidator work: 70.000.000,-Ft