Rules of the Complaint Management


Budapest, 1. September 2012.
Approved by :
Zsolt Szabó
Chairman of the Board


1.0 The aim of rules
The aim of this rule, to make a unitary complaint treatment regulation by taking account of work of Pátria Consult Zrt. (henceforward: Association). This regulation control our clients’ admitions, inquiries and solutions of notifications, complains and suggestions. The association handle all of complaints (independently the way of submission) by taking account of the updated data defensive rules.
2.0 Applications
The Code applies to all employees of the Company, as well as ad-hoc and long –term contracts on the basis of civil society actors in the benefit even further by customer complaints within the company handle, process and respond. 
3.0 Definitions

3.1 Complaint:
Complaint is all that passed notification to us which is in connection with the operation, activity, services or occurent fault of the company. Not complain is all the general information, requests of attitude and “the caveat” what is controlled by the 1991.évi XLIX. bankruptcy act and 2006. évi V. firm act.
3.2 Client:
All natural person, legal entity or organizations without legal entity, who observe any process or its factual activity or services of the company. The company has to regard everybody as a client who has any connection with the association indirectly or directly.

4.0 Content of the rule

4.1 Responsibility
Chairman of the Board is responsible for making and observing of the regulation.
4.2 The ways of the submission of complaints


4.2.1 The company has these communication channels for the reception of complaints:
a.) Verbally in person : During  working hours at the company’s seat: 1132 Alig str.14, reception.
b.) By telephone: In work time with the head of the secretaryship or with one of our colleague who has common connection with our clients by using the number:  +36-1-242-5214
c.) Written form: You can make notifications in written form in these ways:
ca.) In postal way by sending a letter to our association’s address, 1034 Budapest Seregély str. 13
cb.) Personally in work times at the seat of our company. Address: 1034 Budapest, Seregély u. 13.
cc.) In telefax by using this number: +36-1-242-52-14
cd.) Via e-mail:
ce.) Via internet:
4.2.2 The Company only written complaints will be registered and only investigate complaints will be registered and only complaints in writing.
4.2.3 If the notification is personally or orally, the head of the secretaryship will inform the client to make the notification in writing by the “Complain treatment contract form“. If the client does not assume the written form, our staff member will inform the account, our company check up only t he written complaints.
4.2.4 The „Complaint form” is available from the company  free of  charge  and can be downloaded  from the official website of the Company :


4.3 Complaint contract form


4.3.1 You can only inaugurate the complaint treatment procedure, if the complaint contract form is perfectly filled.
4.3.2 The company can only make the complainant of the conduct of the complaint treatment procedure, if you have a regularly filled contract form. The form shall verify the signature of the complaint.
4.3.3 If there is any missing obligatory data from the contract, the company does not inaugurate the procedure.


4.4 Deadlines in connection with the complaint contract form


4.4.1 The submission of complaints received or the date of receipt shall be registered in the “Complaint Register” form.
4.4.2 The complaints are received at the seat of the association, at secretaryship, respectively at our staff on workdays between 8am-4pm. If the notification income, on workdays after 4 pm or on red-letter days, they will processed on the next work day.


4.5 Consideration of complaints


4.5.1   The incoming complaints in each case  shall be forwarded  to the head President of the Board , who will investigate the complaint and respond to the appropriate  staff  member to check up and answer complaint.
4.5.2 In response to a complaint only countersigned by the President of the Board of Direction accompanied by a valid.
4.5.3 The deadline of the answer is 15 workdays from the onset and the date of registration.

4.5.4 The company have to notify the complainant on postal way from the answer (to the registered address). If there is any missing data for the inquiry, the company shall inform the complainant.
4.5.5 The company will save the submission for 5 years and if the complainant applies for viewing in a written form, they will allow to check it.
4.5.6 The complain treatment process is finished by the answer from the company. The company does not assure any verification possibility in its complaint treatment system.


4.6 Attendance and assessment of complaints


4.6.1 The head of the secretaryship preserve and file the contract forms for 5 years. The head of the secretaryship keep a record of the registered complaints.
4.6.2 The association appraise all of the complaints and its procedures yearly at the end of the business year.

5.0 Refereed entries and blanks

Complain registration by clients:  trust time 5 years
Complain registration by us:           trust time 5 years


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